About Data Entry Tests

You will be required to sit for a data entry test if you are applying for a clerical or administrative position. Basically, this test focuses on your ability to accurately enter a minimum amount of information within a given period of time.

To help you consider different approaches to the test, a data entry test often comes in more than one format.

The most common type of data entry test is the basic typing skills test. Here you are given a block of text which you are supposed to enter into a word processing document. To ascertain the number of words that you can generate in a minute, the test is usually timed.

In addition to determining your speed, your accuracy is also determined. This means that when you are sitting for the test you should not pay attention only to your speed; you should also pay attention to your accuracy. This calls for you to be cautious of your spacing, capitalization, and transposition of letters and numbers.

In addition to the typing test, there is also the ten-key test. This test tests your accuracy and speed in entering numeric data in a word processing document. Here you need to be familiar with the numeric layout of your computer.

There is also the alpha and alpha-numeric test that involves a combination of numbers and special characters.

For you to be successful in your test, you need to prepare. practice typing

How to prepare for a data entry test

Preparing for the test is easy. This is because there are many sample tests that are found online and all you need is to visit the relevant sites and access the online tests.

Practicing online plays a major role in helping you to improve your hand/eye coordination between the source document, page that receives the data, and your fingers.

For ideal results, you should ensure that you use different blocks of text that include many types of characters. For example, you should ensure that the text includes numbers and punctuations.

How to pass the test

Once you have practiced and you are confident of your speed and accuracy, you are on your way to passing the test. One of the things that you need to do is to relax; you should not panic. You should also ensure that you sit in the right posture. To minimize the number of errors, you should enable the autocorrect function of your computer.

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