Breaking News Story – Women Want Men With Bigger Penises

Does Size Matter? This is a touchy subject for a lot of people, unfortunately. Coming to grips with the idea that the majority of women prefer a large penis over a small penis is a difficult subject for some. But women polled and surveyed clearly show that the facts speak for themselves.

Survey Says – From a sexual attractive standpoint, 87% of women prefer a penis which is 7″ or longer in length. Only 11% preferred a man’s size to be between 4.5″ to 6.5% in length. This is just the physical presentation and not related to sex.

Survey Says – 65% of women have dumped a man or refused to have sex with him because of the small size of his penis. 4% of women say they refused to have sex or broke up a relationship because the man was too big.

Survey Says – When asked about their experiences with vaginal sex with the largest penis they had ever encountered, 70% stated that the sex was fantastic. 8% stated that it was too painful. Politics

Survey Says – 79% of women polled stated that an above-averaged-sized penis was more stimulating during vaginal sex.

Survey Says – 53% agreed that if their current lover could increase the size of his penis they would be happier. 13% said no. The rest were happy with the size of their current partner.

Survey Says – When asked if, overall, that they felt a larger penis provided more sexual pleasure and was more sexually-stimulating to look at compared to an average-sized or smaller penis, 85% agreed that the bigger was definitely better.

The truth is that a large majority of women prefer a larger penis over a smaller penis. Of course, every woman is different in what she prefers or doesn’t prefer. There are also many facets to a relationship that include love, friendship, care, fidelity, etc. Hardly a woman who is with a man with a large penis who is a jerk or unfaithful will stay with him just because he is well-endowed. That’s as crazy as a man refusing to go out with a woman just because she doesn’t have big breasts.

However, there is clearly a pattern with large penises and women’s interest in them. For those men who wish to enlarge themselves and increase their chances of being more sexually attractive and desired, the simplest and most effective method is through Natural Penis Enlargement. I know because I’ve studied, researched, and experimented with this subject for years and was able to increase my size. You can, too, with the proper information and effort.

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