Dramatic Pale Complexion With Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup is a reflection of your personal expression within the context of this elusive subculture. Although Goth make up is less strict in its palette of black and white these days, there are a few basic features that are still the hallmarks of this distinctive look such as the pale face, dramatic eyes and theatrical style. permanent makeup machine manufacturers

Subtle to dramatic paleness is the foundation of Gothic makeup. For this, you can choose from two types of foundations, depending on the occasion for the desired gothic look and style. And you’ll need loose powder in porcelain or lighter than your skin.

1. Ionized airbrush foundation in white: You can find ionized airbrush foundation in white that can used like a liquid foundation at MAC. Ionized airbrush foundation is used by makeup pros with airbrush machines for that flawless look for film and TV. It can also be applied in the same manner as traditional liquid base makeup with a makeup sponge. If you want a day look that’s not too pale, it’s a good choice as the coverage is very sheer, yet long-lasting. If your skin is darker and white is too much of a contrast, you can also mix this with liquid foundation of your skin tone.

2. Full coverage cream foundation in geisha white: A full coverage cream foundation goes on smooth and easy thanks to its liquid texture. This enables you to apply thin and even layers. If your skin is darker and white is too much of a contrast, you can also mix it with foundation of your skin tone. White full coverage cream foundation from MAC allows you to create that professional look. MAC calls this “geisha white” because it can be layered with loose powder multiple times until the skin is completely white.

3. Loose porcelain powder: This type of powder comes in a container with sieve top that controls the amount of powder you want to add on your kabuki brush. Twirl your brush around the powder on top of the sieve for an even coating before applying it on your face from the forehead down to your cheeks, nose and chin. Blend well around hair and jaw lines.

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