EMC Storage Capacity Planning – 7 Considerations

Without proper storage capacity management, it is impossible to keep pace with the massive data growth of today’s EMC storage environments. Here are 7 things to consider when formulating a capacity planning strategy or deciding their current and future needs when purchasing a storage system.

1. The Tools of The Trade

If you’re trying to improve your business’ storage capacity planning process, there are several tools that are likely at your disposal already. Armed with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc, you can leverage PerfMon, a Windows performance monitoring tool, to track the total disk space as well as the amount of disk being used.

For larger enterprises, this is far from a complete solution, and if you need more granularity, there are a host of SRM and capacity planning tools and calculators available. brooklyn storage

The key here is determine how complex your data needs, and ensure you have the proper tools to analyze your environment’s growth, whether a spreadsheet or expensive performance monitoring tool.

2. Determining Your Present Storage Requirements

When sizing your requirements for a EMC storage system purchase or planning the amount of storage you will need in the future, plan for the total amount of storage you will need, not just what your system reports as available (i.e. calculate RAW storage needs rather than USABLE storage). For example, if you are running RAID 10, you will need twice as much disk as data to account for RAID 10 mirroring. For RAID 5, simply divide the amount of usable storage by roughly 0.75 (or multiply by 1.33) if using a three disk RAID array.

More, for every GB of disk storage added, ensure you’ve properly sized the required disk and storage necessary to provide backups and disaster recovery storage capacity. With that information, you can begin making educated decisions about the type and number of disks.

3. Planning For the Future

Next, it’s important to evaluate the data storage growth rate on your EMC storage array. Depending on the complexity of your EMC storage environment or end-user behavior, this can be done on a monthly basis or an annualized rate.

There are a few ways to calculate these numbers-consulting your log files or using software onboard your EMC storage array, you can use spreadsheets and planning tools to extrapolate future storage needs. Capacity planning software or other specialized management, while somewhat pricey, will allow you to determine growth rates much more quickly.

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