One of the Bright Spots in the Real Estate Market for 2010? Colorado Springs

It may be hard to find a lot of bright spots on the map if you want a good place to invest in real estate, but there is reason for optimism in Colorado Springs. The real estate market for 2010 in Colorado Springs has proven to be much kinder than in many other cities. In fact, it is so much better there that Builder Online has placed it among its “20 Healthiest Housing Markets for 2010.” radon testing colorado springs

The annual list of 20 healthiest markets is proof that the housing market in this country will rebound, even if it is only one region at a time. Areas that do the best in a tough market are the ones where the prices never got too crazy in the first place, and where employment comes from a more progressive and diverse base of employers. It is also helpful if the town is attractive enough to warrant a move there even during a recession. Fortunately, the real estate market for 2010 in the Pikes Peak area scored high on all three counts.

According to this survey by Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, results were balanced with other forecasts from Moody’s and other recognized sources. Colorado Springs was selected because of its Market Health Indicator, which weighed in at 36.7. This was based on having 1,429 building permits in 2009 and another 2,260 in 2010. Their strong military base keeps unemployment lower than the national average while keeping housing values up. Pair this with the clean air, 300+ days of sunshine per year, and a great quality of life, and it is easy to see why the real estate market for 2010 was so kind to Colorado Springs.


Though it may be hard to find a lot of bright spots in investing in real estate, in the real estate market for 2010 in the Pikes Peak area there is much reason for optimism according to Builder Online’s article “20 Healthiest Housing Markets for 2010.” It is a place where prices never get too crazy; there is employment from a diverse base of employers such as the military base; and, clean environment and great quality of life. If you want to take advantage of the solid real estate market for 2010 in Colorado Springs and find the perfect home for your money, why not start your search for your dream home in the Pikes Peak region?

Todd Hawker is a real estate broker and agent and the owner of Action Team Realty in Colorado Springs. With nearly 30 years of experience buying and selling homes in the Colorado Springs area. Todd is very active in using the Internet and Social Media to help market your home. He updates the Colorado Springs Professional Realtor Blog [] every week.

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