Personal Keychain Alarm With Light

In this article I will be reviewing the personal keychain alarm with light. I will cover features, effectiveness, and whom it is best suited for. Not all personal alarms are created equal.


· The keychain is like any other keychain that holds keys; the interesting part about this one is your keys are attached to a box about the size of a car remote lock with a panic button and light.

· The alarm has 2 function modes; a light press on the panic button emits a loud warning chip; depress the button completely and it emits a 118 decibel alarm that stays on until you depress the button again. 118 decibels is equivalent to a jet plane take off at 100 yards.

· The light works well to find the keyhole on your car door or entry door in the dark or to find something dropped in the movie theater.


· To test the effectiveness I went to several different locations; all were public areas like outdoor markets, parks and shopping malls; parking lots & parking garages; strip mall stores and restaurants. And yes I did have some confrontations with security personnel and store managers.

· Outdoor markets, parks and shopping malls; Most people were not interested in doing anything except moving on their way quickly. What a shock in today’s times. However people did take notice, approximately 55% and of those at least one person asked if I needed help at each location. acrylic charms

· Parking lots & parking garages; 35% of people in the general area looked in my direction. One out of the 5 places I tested asked if I needed help.

· Strip mall stores and restaurants; 90% of people turned to see what was going on. I attribute that to fewer people thinking somebody else will help and in a small space you want to know what’s going on that might affect you.

· To summarize Effectiveness: at all locations people took notice, some asked if I need help. Now would they have engaged if I was under attack? I don’t know? I would like to thanks so. I did find that at indoor locations the response was better than that of outdoor locations. I’m sure the alarm is more audible indoors contributing to those results. I think over all the Keychain alarm with light was effective in getting the attention of those around, and I would consider it a success personal security and self defense product.

Best suited for:

· Mom and Dad: The alarm is perfect for kids (with proper training, like not crying wolf). Suppose you were shopping with your child and for one instance you took your eye off them; that is all the longer it would take for them to be taken. However if they had the alarm they could push the panic button alerting you of their location and others around possible even scaring off the abductor.

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