Student Housing – Things To Consider

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina. Columbia boasts great weather, a wonderful zoo, and is the home of the Fighting Gamecocks. Many of the neighborhoods in Columbia have evolved around the great universities and colleges that have chosen to make this city their home. Going to college is a special time for your child. It is also a very expensive time for you the parent. Tuition and book costs are continuing to increase while most people have less money for school. One area where you may have the ability to cut costs is in housing,

Columbia South Carolina is proud to be home to several great Universities and Colleges. When sending your kids to school there are many things to consider regarding where your new scholar is going to live.

Things to consider regarding where your kids will live during college: student properties in lancaster

Housing prices. The cost of housing on college campuses has steadily increased over the last few years. When considering price do not forget to take into consideration what facilities are available where your child will be living. For example if there is no kitchen in your child’s residence they will be spending far more on food. Preparing your own meals at home can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Location cost. Being close to campus can have an enormous savings when you consider the cost of parking and fuel. Walking to class or the library can save hundreds and your child will avoid those pesky parking tickets that can really add up.

Student housing in Columbia SC can be made more affordable by purchasing real estate near campus. The interest paid on the property can have some tax advantages for you the owner. The cost of the mortgage can be offset by having roommates. Having a constant supply of new students entering the area every year means that new buyers are always entering the market allowing you to sell the home or keep it as an investment property after your child has finished their education. Columbia South Carolina has many great deals on property located very close to campus whether it is the University Of South Carolina or Midlands Technical College that your child will be attending. Take a look at what the Columbia area neighborhoods near where your child is going to school have to offer before making a choice on where they are going to live.

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